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How much will shipping cost?

Shipping is totally free on all pieces. There are no minimum order cutoffs or additional handling fees.

Can you ship to ____?

Currently we are only set up to send orders within  the United States. However, if you would like to have something shipped to another country, feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can work something out for you.  


The piece I'm interested in has already sold! Can I still get one like that?

Because our jewelry incorporates many vintage and unique parts, the majority of our pieces cannot be replicated exactly. Depending upon the availability of parts we may, however, be able to create a very similar custom piece for you. If you're interested in either a recently sold piece or something from our gallery, please do ask us about it.


I like this necklace, but I'd prefer if it had [a different chain/charm/other addition or modification]. Can you do that?

Yes, there are other options available for many of the pieces. A list of some possible options can be found in the additional details section of products where we have the necessary materials in stock. If you would like us to make one of the changes listed, just leave a note in the "Instructions to Seller" section as you go through the PayPal checkout. If the modification you're interested in isn't listed there, just ask!


What is Steampunk? (Alternately, for those familiar with the genre: Why do you usually call your jewelry by other terms instead?)

The term Steampunk can really encompass a wide variety of things. (Much like the terms “thriller” or “romance” can be applied to many very, very different types of stories.) In essence, it's a science-fiction style "what if" - what if advanced technology (computers, flying machines, even spacecraft and time machines) had been available in Victorian times?

The genre began in the 1800s - Jules Verne and H.G. Wells are considered among the founders of the concept. The actual name for it, however, wasn't coined until the 1980s. In the classic style, it tends to have a very Victorian appearance overall, incorporating the look of gears and steam power for twist that makes the anachronistic machines feel period-appropriate. Some people take it in a more gothic direction, or fantasy, or any number of variations, but our style aims toward a light, elegant, Victorian look.

We've chosen to use alternate terms, such as "Clockwork Victorian" to describe our jewelry in most of the places where we promote it. Why? Mostly because we don't want to limit ourselves to people who are already familiar with the genre. We've found that many people who have never heard the term absolutely love the aesthetic when they're shown pieces of Steampunk art or jewelry - but they're confused and turned off by the term, because it gives them a very different impression of what it would be like.

For that reason we tend to only use the word “Steampunk” if we have a good opportunity to explain what that means. People who are familiar with the genre still know what we’re talking about, and people who aren’t get a much more accurate picture of what we’re going for.


Where are you located?

 We're based in Minnesota. That said, the great thing about the internet is that we can connect to people from all kinds of different places!


Is your jewelry available in any stores? 

Currently, our jewelry is only available in one store: By Hand, located in Riverwood Mall (2077 Frontage Road N, Waite Park, MN 56387). However, we are certainly interested in further pursuing that side of our business, and have been discussing possibilities with a couple of other places.


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do! Please contact us if you're interested in discussing pricing and availability. 


Have other questions or concerns? Contact us!