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About Us

Gilded Gears was born out of the love two sisters, Emily and Rebekah Sather, had for beautiful, unique jewelry - and a desire to make that jewelry practical and accessible for a wider audience.

We’ve loved Clockwork-style Victorian jewelry for some time, but most of the pieces we’ve seen in the genre tend to be either very expensive, or a little larger or more elaborate than we could actually see ourselves wearing on a regular basis. One day, after several rounds of staring longingly at pretty pieces of jewelry and wincing at the prices, or discussing how perfect one piece or another would be if only it were a little more like this or that... it occurred to us that, rather than simply standing by and wishing, we just might try our hand at making some ourselves. 

At first we hardly took the idea seriously. But the more we looked into it the more intrigued we were by the possibilities, and we soon realized that there might be something more here than just making a few pieces of jewelry for our own use. After all, we'd certainly sympathized often enough with others fans of the genre over wanting fun accessories like that, but just not having the budget for it! 

So Gilded Gears was born, with the goal of making fun, unique, wearable jewelry at an affordable price. We work to create pieces in a style that is interesting and eye-catching, yet not so ostentatious that we would feel out of place wearing it for everyday use. It's a style that's very flexible: you can easily dress it up, or dress it down. It’s appropriate with more formal clothes for special occasions, or casual jeans and a t-shirt.

Handmade jewelry also makes a great gift for those people who seem to have everything. Since we incorporate a lot of watch parts and vintage jewelry in our pieces, most are impossible to replicate exactly—even when we’re able to create pieces with similar styles, each one will be different.  

We also create custom pieces! If the item you want isn’t currently available in our shop, feel free to contact us about creating a similar piece for you. Prices may vary slightly based on the availability of materials and difficulty of the piece, but we don’t charge extra just because something is a custom request.